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Discover Koufonisia Two Tiny Gems in the Cyclades

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It’s no coincidence that when anyone hears the word “Koufonisia,” their soul smiles.

They close their eyes and immediately transport themselves to the site where clear blue water reflects their dream…to the endless beaches, to the vibrations of the island and the hidden caves where their worries find solace. To Chora, where the local inhabitants drink together and open their homes to say “Welcome.” There, southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos, on Koufonisia you lose all concept of time and simply put, feel free.

Koufonisia is part of the Small Cyclades

a cluster of islands in the southeastern Cyclades. Koufonisia is composed of two small islands, Ano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Koufonisi as well as Keros.

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Most popular beaches


Pori Beach

As one approaches Pori, it resembles a scene out of a movie set. Like an oasis, the sandy beach stretches out into the most stunning turquoise water. It is the furthest beach on the island, approximately 4km from Chora ...


Italida Beach

A blend of natural beauty, turquoise water and the sense of freedom that visitors feel with “Italian insignia” is for many what makes this beach the most beautiful of all on the island. Truth be told, it’s hard to leave so you should come equipped with an umbrella or a tent...


Ammos Beach

This is the first beach and it literally welcomes you to the island. It conveys a slight but glaring impression of the island’s other well known beaches. It is located in the center of Chora right next to the port...

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